At Last

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be woken up by a gentle knock at your bedroom door –a maid enters with a breakfast tray of triangles of buttered toast, a pot of your chosen brew; this is my fantasy so a pot of coffee, boiled egg covered in a pretty little egg cosy…………………..

Photo: Spring Egg cozies

OK we can’t provide the maid or the leisure time to have a lie- in but Florence Hope can offer you a very nice line in egg cozies.

Photo: Looking for a good home

Don’t faint but I am stocking up the Folksy shop this week with Spring goodies

Photo: I am ready for my close-up


kelly said...

yes please! delightful additions to your shop and i am thinking i need to get me a breakfast in bed tray too. so nice to see new wares from the house of florence hope...keep them coming! x

Gigibird said...

We aim to please.

Little Dickens Designs said...

That would be a very lovely way to start the day!

Remy said...

How nice will be to start your day like that! very nice!♥