Have You Met Lulu?

Have we shown you Lulu before?

This is Lulu – or a lot of Lulu’s!

Stella and I have had lots of fun making these little beauties.

While the sun was shining this morning I took some photos.

I was waiting for a certain ‘prop’ to arrive but it isn’t quite ready yet so I just piled them up.

They will be going on Etsy and Folksy soon.


Jane said...

v. pretty - was it Lulu that we were talking of the other day?
I lose my props a lot.
I also always get days and times wrong for doctors appts - I think it is cos I hate them

Stella said...

I am still 'playing' with the prop, if it is the one you are talking of? So too is Miss Golly and Clanger:) Nice pics:)

The Devil Makes Work said...

I'm loving Lulu.

Hope you are well.

Cassia Beck said...

I love your work, so beautiful and different!

LOUISE said...

Love the Lulus. From Loulou herself! x

martita said...

they are so cute :) love the colors very much :)