Tied to Apron Strings

Laura, circa 1989, sporting a hair tie.

Gigibird 'working' the same look today....

.....that's better

And myself in a cafe apron considering a little dusting.

And an A line version in the same pretty, vintage fabric.

NB Lynn and I had asked Laura, my daughter who is now 20 and has a svelte figure, to 'model' for us but she declined. Life was so simple 18 years ago when she enjoyed having hair ties put in. Anyway, this is why we had to model the above items ourselves. I decided that Lynn has the pretty face so had to do the hair tie and as I still (just about) have a waist I did the aprons. As it turned out, it wasn't so bad and we had quite a laugh as you can imagine!

Stella x


Anonymous said...
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Gigibird said...

Tell everyone I don't have a waist!
- they are so overated.

Jane said...

Me thinks that Lynn has been spreading a whole load of misinformation about her looks . . . I'm sure that she is meant to looks like Mrs Pepperpot/a pudding/a sack and this is clearly not the case.
I feel cheated.
I shall report you to the trades descriptions people.

Stella said...

Lynn, did you say a waist could be overrated or overweighted?

Hi Jane, I use to love Mrs Pepperpot stories:)

Katy said...

You should show yourselves more often (says she who is scared of the camera)!!! Lovely fabric, by the way.

Stella said...

Hi Katy, thanks for visiting! I have just read your LV blog, fantastic:)

kelly said...

love that vintage fabric ladies! you make great models by the way! xx