of the things Stella and I love the most about Florence Hope is sourcing crafting supplies. Whether or not it gets us in touch with some primeval foraging instinct I don't know,although I'd say it's akin to it, knowing where the best berries/felt is to be had....
I treated myself to the whole set of DMC linen threads as I loved the colours so much, and here are some lovely buttons I bought recently, all lying on gingerbread coloured wool felt.


Anonymous said...

YUMMY! that linen thread looks fab - and isn't great to have a whole 'lotta' things, enjoy your stash FH.

Happy New Year to the 'dynamic duo' ;)

kelly said...

happy new year to florence + hope!

2007 will be a good year for you...i can just feel it :)

here's to lots more happy foraging + lovely fh creations! x